As per the planetary alignments, Ganesha feels that this year you need to do some deep introspection. The process of contemplations will only you to restore stability in the long run. While exploring opportunities and seeking a concrete direction for growth will keep you occupied, you will be able to review your course from around the second week of January. Time for action commences from January 25 onwards. Monetary aspirations will lead to acquiring more wealth. However the presence of malefic Rahu and that of Ketu in the Second House are going to impact the returns in a negative manner. In addition, Jupiter transiting through the Eighth House sounds a caution to not incur any financial debt because repayment of debt will be a concern. You could apply a loan for asset acquisition or loan for automobile and household requirement, after Jupiter enters Libra. Patiently pursuing ongoing goals and tasks without entertaining major changes related to occupation, whether business or a job, will enable you achieve positive growth. In job, shouldering more responsibility and meticulous approach in work will enable good results. Do not blow your own trumpet, but let your work speak for itself, and recognition will come sooner or later.