The year surely has a lot of positivity in store for you. However, tread with utmost balance, cautions Ganehsa. With Saturn and Jupiter transiting through Dual Natured Signs, it’s going to be a year where highs in fortunes will not follow a constant pattern. The prospects of financial and growth opportunities depend on the competence levels of your associates, too. Steer clear of incompetent and wrong personnel. So, it is advisable to have a back up plan that will come help you in your financial and growth goals. Saturn’s influence shall enable you to do a reality check, which will keep you grounded. Jupiter’s transit and Mars’ journey will have a great impact on the chain of events this year, feels Ganesha. While the Retrograde Jupiter’s effects will not be too pronounced till around mid February, period from around mid February till March 5 may lead to minor setbacks for you. Nevertheless, you will be motivated and make swift moves with your aspirations when Mars commences its journey in its own watery Sign, passionate Scorpio. Professional as well as personal relationships require you to pay attention to sensibilities of people around you, especially those to whom you are emotionally attached.