You may expect an eventful year ahead, feels Ganesha. You will be on the move, financially as well as personally. While the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius only heightens the flux in your financial grind, what is important for you is to work towards increasing your income, in order to meet the escalating expenditure. Since you will need to meet the financial demands of your family as well as your rising personal expenses, it will become essential for you to set short-term as well as long-term financial goals, and work to achieve them. Fathoming your own relationship quotient may become a tricky arena for you, owing to the two-way movement of Mars. Misunderstandings may cause a rift in your relationships, especially if you fail to communicate clearly, which is quite likely. You may also appear as high-headed or egoistic. Nevertheless, you shall be able to achieve a win-win situation, by steering clear of mental reservations of any kind by communicating clearly with your near ones, opines Ganesha. From the health perspective, you ought to take care of even minor problems. Do not neglect anything. Guard against infections and seasonal ailments, and also take proper care to manage chronic ailments.