You may feel a little low-spirited at the start of the year, but still your ability to move ahead with conviction will let you make swift moves in all matters. Ganesha advises you not in act in haste in matters concerning major decisions on either your occupation (business and job) or finance. Even if the first quarter comes with challenges that may concern you, your positive approach lets you reap in benefits in life, though you won’t be witnessing exponential gains. The winds indicate the need to rethink and chalk out future action plans, identifying the chinks in your armor (weakest links) and take corrective measures to achieve goals and missions. While all the action in life will begin around middle of February, the decision to relocate needs a lot of thought and analysis. With major Planets transiting through dual natured Signs during the year, keeping a backup plan ready will come useful when situation demands. While Planetary movements shall favor you from April onwards, with Saturn turning Retrograde from April 1, you will also face bottlenecks in day to day activities. Jupiter turning Direct helps you stay focused. Mercury’s movement around the second quarter shall benefit you with higher growth prospects. Professionals, those employed in various sectors and entrepreneurs will benefit this year.