Ganesha foretells that this year the fire in your belly, the desire to scale new heights and your ability to spot new opportunities would channel you to think beyond and brace up for newer roles. While things may look a bit cloudy in the beginning, in due course, you will be determined to move ahead and put in more hours at work. Staying focused on achieving sustainable financial growth should be your mantra for the year. While you could cash in on financially sound spells, the urge for the nicest things and a lavish lifestyle will tempt you to go on a spending spree, which you must control. While opportunities to fill up your bank account will be ample, you need to keep a checklist on your spending versus earning sheet. Refrain from any sort of emotional obligation and take calculated decisions in money matters. With positive winds indicating good tidings around the last quarter of the year, relationship will see you reaping the fruits of your labor, provided you become choosy in cultivating new relationship. As a whole, the year ends on a positive note.