Ganesha foresees that there is a lot of change on the cards for you this year. However, the twist lies in what form the change will come to you. Ganesha says, it will be the clouds of confusion that will make you crack the code of happiness and success. With major Planets – Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu transiting in Dual Natured Signs during the year, the ride will be slightly bumpy. Cheerful aspect is Mercury—your lucky star transits favorably from the beginning of the year, till around February end. The Retrogression of Mercury in between, from January 6 to January 26, as Ganesha views it, is only a phase that will compel you to think better strategies and action plans for higher growth. While Venus, ruler of your sign, also transits favorably for most part of the year, playing your cards masterfully will give you wonderful results. Progress will also be determined by the key roles that your spouse (if married), team members and business associates take up this year. While transit of Mars determines your financial and family prospects this year, it is with whom you choose to tag along professionally and personally will decide the final outcome. Your positive attitude will help you sail smoothly.