This year the harder you work the better will be the rewards – both financial and emotional. You will benefit from keeping a check on your hot temper and be very tactful while handling unpleasant situations. Encouraging financial accrual will keep your spirits up this year. Keeping a track on unwarranted expenses and careful financial spending will enable you save for future. Transit of Mars, during the first half of the year, will lead to increase in expenses. Nevertheless, you will chance upon lucrative profit making opportunities, around the second half of the year. Refrain from handling money matters impulsively. New avenues of earning will also boost up your existing revenues. On the relationship front, it is going to be a smooth sail with some exceptional occurrences. Do not make relationship complicated by being over assertive. Letting yourself heard in a composed way without hurting the sensibilities of others, will help you win confidence. Singles will come across a suitable phase of discovering intimate relationship, during the first half of the year. Married couples will have to be very tactful by being receptive to your spouse’s sensibilities and by refraining from being too harsh about their shortcomings.