You are in for some surprises this year, foresees Ganesha. While you will tend to accept the harsh realities of life, you will muster courage to brave the challenges as well. As you put up that fight to survive and move ahead, sometimes you will end up battling your own whims. While you will crave for inner peace and tranquility in life, your inherent nature will make you ready for the grind to achieve more. The financial front will present you with more constraints. Flow of monetary resources will concern you and require you to make wise, calculated moves so far as saving for the future is concerned. With Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius and Saturn’s further influence on your financial expenditure pattern, you will need to come to terms with a reality check. While you will be able to achieve financial success and be able to handle it effectively, you will also learn that you need to bite only which you can chew comfortably. Plan finances with long-term view and make enough provision for emergency. Businesspersons should keep plan-B ready in case plan-A fails to work out as you may have expected it to.