The placement of Sun and Mercury in the Ninth House from your Sign indicates a flurry of thoughts and ideas occupying your mind, which might lead you to ponder over. Seeming discontent brewing over some time will see positive trends around last week of January. Decoding how to achieve peace through spiritual analysis will help you come up with your own set of formulae to handle life’s situations. In due course, your spiritual inclination shall boost your self-confidence and will enable you stay focused in life. Pressure to meet targets and time management issues call for walking that extra mile for professionals, who will also come across lucrative opportunities. Demanding professional chores may keep you very occupied starting from the second week of January. Work rigors that will put you on your toes will seem unending starting from around middle of April to end of June. Financial issues call for careful analysis. While you will be able to save considerably, household expenditure might increase. While your earning graph witnesses an upward growth, you might spend money for buying comforts and spruce up your living style. You could buy a new vehicle to suit your family needs around the middle of the year.