Your desire to lead a good comfortable and luxurious life will see fruitful results this year. What’s more, Venus, the Planet concerned with finance and good fortune, remaining favorable in the beginning of the year, shall bring you showers of financial happiness. This would, in turn, motivate you to seek more comforts in life. At the same time, relationship issues might worry you. However, your overall satisfactory phase will make you deal with these issues with ease and aim for more. Positive vibes of Jupiter will make you chance upon some lucky breaks and motivate you to grab an opportunity to make progress in your occupation. The road to success however will not be as smooth as you think it would be. Be prepared to counter minor setbacks that come in your way. The time requires you to do some introspection to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can face new challenges bravely. Health will require your full attention, particularly when Mars transits in Saturn and during the Retrogression of Mars, when past health issues could surface. Take enough preventive steps to gain control of the health situation. You will find some relief, though, towards the end of the year.