This video channel is the latest offering from the bouquet of services by With this latest brand we intend to enter the space of high quality videos on Astrology which range from Daily forecasts to Weekly, Monthly and Yearly for the future. These videos, in high quality will be able to offer the viewer comfort and a feeling of personalized Astrology experience. We intend to benchmark this space with various versions of video content which will also help demystify Astrology to the masses.

Company profile
The trail-blazer in astrology, was started in 2003 with a definitive vision: to streamline a scattered, direction-less astrology market. E-commerce space, too, was still in its infancy, and the examples to follow were few. Today, the parent company, i.e. Pandit Ventures Private Ltd., has come a long way since its nascent days, and has expanded its vistas in myriad ways. Besides, which is undoubtedly the Numero Uno astrology website in India, the company now boasts of an impressive portfolio of products, services and brands, and is constantly evolving in tandem with changing times.

Founder’s Profile
The young, charismatic innovator and techno-entrepreneur, who never shies away from experimenting with novel concepts and in uncharted territories, Mr. Hemang Arunbhai Pandit has been the driving force and the brain behind the foundation and creation of, and its running/ upcoming subsidiaries. The architect of the website, Mr. Pandit has powered the business with his eye-on-the-target approach and inventive spirit. He is a stickler for top quality service, and his vision and firm belief in change (both on the front and back ends) as a catalyst to drive business, as well as to catapult astrology into mass consciousness as a practical solution to many social and personal ills and problems, has consistently yielded spectacular results. Team
The organisation’s basic philosophy rests firmly on the belief that no true success can be achieved unless there is complete and concerted involvement of the entire staff in all its endeavors. No wonder, the whole team of staff members and astrologers functions as one big, extended family. The core team of astrologers, performers and technical staff are trained and nurtured by the best in the industry besides of course carrying forward Shri Bejan Daruwalla’s astrological legacy.

News about, success stories and articles related to the organization, predictions on various spheres and blogs written by the company’s dedicated team keep appearing in major websites, newspapers and journals on a regular basis.